Fast, Strong, Precise and Safe.
The SCHWIND AMARIS is a í░total tech laserí▒ the new generation of excimer lasers, redefining, perfection I refractive corneal surgery.
  • SCHWIND AMARIs has an impressive í░tureí▒ repetition rate of 750Hz.
  • With the intelligent í░Advanced Fluence Level Adjustmentí▒ method the laser treatment is significantly shortened and at the same time carried out with exceptional precision.
  • The í░Intelligent Thermal Effect Controlí▒ ensures thermally optimized, dynamically adapted distribution of the laser pulse and protects the stroma.
  • With its minimum beam size of 0.54mm(FWHM) and its Super-Gaussian beam profile, the SCHWIND AMARIS ensures very high ablation accuracy, resulting in exceptionally smooth treatment surfaces.
  • The 1,050Hz turbo eye tracker, with a response time of less than three milliseconds, facilitates unequaled precision in the positioning of each individual laser pulse
  • The eye tracker continuously follows eye movements in all six dimensions and compensates them actively (including rotation balance, static and dynamic cyclotorsion control, z-tracking).
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